Get yer kit off

….and write.


It isn’t compulsory of course but apparently, from time to time, Victor Hugo liked to put pen to paper in his birthday suit.

Pen. Paper.

How much great literary good, thought provoking and life changing text has arisen from the union of these two. Without each other they are capable of a lot less….a bit of origami, a paper aeroplane….

Together they can change the world. Relativity, Origin of Species, Penicillin, Les Miserables – ink on wood pulp.

There is a connectivity when you use these old tools. Your handwriting is a thing of natural beauty however appalling it might look on the page.

When did you last do a piece of creative handwriting? Get back to it for some of the things you use a keyboard for. Creatively it is quite different.

Lawyer screwed by robot

It’s official.


Lawyers are being replaced by AI.

Already individuals can virtually conduct their own cases, do their own conveyancing, write their own wills by using information, forms and abundant information available in the ether.

Exciting times for them…the solicitors, I mean.

Well the ones that realise they must change. And find a meaningful way to do so.

War on drugs

Yesterday the BBC decided to edit the word “drugs” from a broadcast of the track “Rockstar” by Nickelback on the Radio 2 Chris Evans show.


It is not an offensive word. Is it?

If the support for this decision is to send some kind of “signal” where is the line to be drawn?

Words are just words. Good, bad, indifferent. Part of the rich dictionary available to us for communication.

Do not watch what you say. That is not the important thing.

It is the way you use words that matters.

Kennedy blown away at the wrong time

12.30 pm.


Not 10.10 as the timekeeping manufacturers would have us believe.

Watch adverts almost always show us 10.10 or 1.50.

It’s to do with aesthetics you see. Framing the logo. Presenting the hands as a figurative smiley face… really!

Open the nearest lifestyle magazine and check it out.

Apple went for a digital 10.09 I guess just to be different and edgy and of course digitally the 10.10 thing doesn’t work as well….or at all in fact.

With a well known brand, expensive no doubt….does a buyer really take cognisance of these psychological tweaks? Or will they buy anyway?

I think the exact time Kennedy took the bullet is a much better story.


Where were you when you read this article?