Sick of being married?

3 sales mistakes you are making as a solicitor


1. Offering “A wide range of legal services”

…or some other bland, innocuous, non-specific clap trap.

People buy the trust they put in you, the amazing thing you can do for them and the story of a happy existing client and job well done.

People, not things.

How can you help them – specifically?

Been nicked for something you didn’t do?”

Confined to a wheelchair because of some idiotic drunk driver?”

Sick of being married?”

These may not be comfortable promotional headlines but they say much more about the things you can actually DO.

Go on to say: “Here is a picture of [Jackie]. She is our crime specialist. She scores 100% in effort for her clients. Want her to do that for you?”

2. Thinking you are special

I worked in the profession for 20+ years. When I became a Partner I was astonished at the attitude of the old guard when it came to attracting new business. They somehow felt it was a clients privilege to be accepted at the firm – the client was jolly lucky we would have them.

Not sure what the up to date statistics are but I can bet that clients are no longer wedded to one firm or one lawyer. They shop around – we all do….for everything we buy.

You have to impress.

Give what they need.

Show them why you are better than the competition and then deliver it.


3. Not returning phone calls

You are not THAT busy. Not so busy that your clients call is not deserving of a response. If you are too busy, hire staff who can call the client for you. Make the client feel valuable, wanted, significant.

If the client is calling to complain about something then the sooner you know, the better, right?

If they are calling with a query, the sooner they know, the better, right?

If they have information to give you then the sooner you know, the better, right?

It is one of the most complained about issues with lawyers.

Make a difference. Make yourself stand above the rest.


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