Can you catch flies with your tongue?


In his most excellent book “All Marketers are Liars”, Seth Godin explains how a bullfrog has the brain acuity to catch flies. We can’t….well not with our tongue at least. Instead we assimilate and process data – that is our homo sapien forte.

On more than one occasion I have looked at my watch just as the battery failed and it stopped at the precise time I looked. My eyes drawn to the numbers on the odometer in the car flicking to a whole round number (10,000) as I watched it do so.

Seth suggests not coincidence but ability to observe most acutely, change.

Starkly just this week I realised my own ability to notice small things.

A woman boarding my flight wearing a pair of striped blue and white jeans. It was a cursory glance. 4 days later I notice the same woman, same jeans boarding my return flight. And on the same journey I glimpse a guy wearing a Freddie Mercury t-shirt beneath his jean jacket. He was on the up escalator as I was on the down one – just generally in the departures lounge. Then I notice him as he passes me on the flight whilst enduring the rigmarole of finding my seat.

So not only do we see tiny changes, and pick up on them but we also have a great capacity to store tiny morsels of data and to match them when we see them again, rather like a frantic game of “snap”.

So – make a change in what you do or how you do it.

Someone will notice.

And – repeat the things you do.

Someone will notice.


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