Be insignificant


Olga Rapay modelled a series of quite beautiful porcelain figurines depicting the styles and moods of the 1960’s. Here is one I saw in Moscow yesterday (Tretyakov Gallery).┬áDelicate. Quite magical. Simple shapes. Primary colours.

In a small-ish glass cabinet. Unseen……almost.

Striking once noticed though.

I am going to find out more about this artist but my guess is she did plenty before her big break. Maybe it was a small break. Perhaps she came from nothing and disappeared into oblivion or stayed about for a while in the minds and hearts of people. Is she still alive….does anyone care much for her these days?

Two things arising.

  1. I was pleased I was curious enough to go over to the cabinet. I have learned something new;
  2. To get noticed must you be not noticed? Do you generally have to be insignificant first?

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