Do you remember stories you were told as a child?

Do you remember the story behind your favourite film?

We remember stories if they engage us.

It could be uncomfortable, liberating, difficult, amusing or sad.

For many years I worked in the legal profession. There were times of great triumph and success. Delivering clients from difficulty or desperation. In this sense the work was so rewarding and valuable.

It has been a mystery to me that this profession in particular are so stuck in the arcane ways that they try to market their services. Solicitors see a complete spectrum of emotions and problems in their clients, work hard to help and fail to tell the stories of their successes – the difference they have made….often life changing for the clients themselves.

I help lawyers find and craft unique, authentic, appealing stories to help their potential clients understand properly what they do and most importantly of all, why they do it.

This is my niche work but the skills equally translate to any industry or business.

Get in touch and let me see how we can cure the pain you have!