My pasta is tangled

Why do you want to complicate?


Is it to justify yourself, the thing you have or the way you do things?

Simplicity of explanation and action communicates most clearly of all.

If what you have is spaghetti then try to straighten it.


Will you marry me?

There’s the answer you want.

There’s the answer you don’t.


And the answer that’s neither.

What to do with a “maybe”?

In this scenario would you:

  1. walk away;
  2. give some time;
  3. ask again on another occasion?

The question is what does the answer really mean?

Are you being asked to adapt something. Change your offer. Wait for…..well….what exactly.

Yes works.

No works.

Maybe doesn’t.

Mine is bigger than yours….

Size matters.


Being big doesn’t.

Think of five adjectives that demonstrate small is better.

Think of edgy adjectives (edge-ectives?).

Let me start you off: bohemian, contactable, spontaneous, friendly, daring.

You see many big set ups just can’t move away from their normality. It is too unwieldy a task. Too risky.

And the big become grotesque. Over-priced, egotistical, arrogant.

Many free thinkers, E F Schumacher and Seth Godin are examples, regard the small as a thing to behold.

Be small.

Be amazing.


Bloodcurdling catastrophe

….finding the right words is difficult.


And using the wrong ones is your nightmare scenario.

Be specific and talk to the one person in the room who needs to hear you. Use words that will resonate with that person. Use vernacular. Swear if it makes contextual sense to do so – swear words are part of language.

Craft but don’t over-engineer.


Let me feel you

From birth to death and at the time of those two events especially, the sense of touching another person is what makes us essentially human.

hand silhouette

Touch screens. ipad Touch. Touch to buy. Tech has recognised the essence of it but misses the point too.

For in looking to find a person we can trust, we can authenticate, we can be sure of, a tactile connection satisfies our curiosity, tempers our uncertainties and insecurities.

See a person in the flesh. Shake their hand. Feel their actual presence. In doing these things we engage our primitive senses – those that trigger whether we do trust or know we must not.

Brand is you. Not the logo or the name.


The person.

Can others feel you?

Someone gave this a name


Pecha Kucha.

20 images – 20 seconds of presentational speech per image.

Presentation time 6 minutes 40 seconds.

Favoured by design types, art aficionados, photographers. Why not everyone else?

It may be too short for most of the things you need to say in a presentation but the focus of the time constraint and the dynamic use of images to tell the story rather than black on white dull text is a good enough template for changing your mindset….surely it is?

It’s a good idea.

What is your good idea? Is it BIG?

Can you communicate it in a single image?

Oh, and one word.